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October In-Service Feedback

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback regarding October In-Service. We value your input and your comments; It’s these surveys that help us design future in-services. We some times are asked why the survey results aren’t shared, so here they are. The following are the graphs that are formed when you answer the questions in the survey. After each graph is a synopsis of the highs and lows. 

The majority writes that the groups work well, love the time to collaborate, and groups are working well together. One person wrote, “Face-to-face we accomplished so much! We all agree that online face time is awkward. Today was much better.”  Others wish that groups were smaller in order to collaborate more effectively. Some had questions and felt as though no one was there to answer their questions. Another concern was that, “We had very late notice about what work we were to be doing. We did not have enough time to review documents in order to feel better prepared”. 


The majority of the comments stated that Legal Requirements portion was too long, the room was cold, and the information could have been delivered a different way. One person wrote, “The presenter was fantastic but I wish the presentation had been more interactive based on participants’ questions. It was difficult to stay focused on a PowerPoint for such an extended period of time.” Many felt that the information was important, however, it was just too long.

The majority enjoyed the workshops that were offered as well as the option to work on their own with or without groups. Some people would have liked to have more time for the workshops or independent/group time. One person commented that the workshops are the best kind of PD. Many like the idea of choosing what works for you and your needs. One individual wrote, “I appreciated having the choice option, because I was allowed to get important work done with my grade level PLC group. I think this flexible workshop structure allows for the most productive use of time for everyone, because each staff member can use the time to their advantage based on what they need. I would have appreciated more flexibility in the day as a whole, including both in the morning PLC groups and the afternoon segment.”

Again, thank you all for answering the survey and commenting. This helps us to see what the majority is looking for. Our biggest takeaways are that you need materials and info ahead of time, comfortable seating, and less time to sit. We have been listening to your needs such as voice and choice, face to face time with colleagues, and we will continue to do so. We honor your opinions and will continue to provide what you need whenever we can. We look forward to the March In-Service. 

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