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Welcome to the New GRCSU Blog! 

We are really excited to launch this blog!  This has been a work in progress for a while and we are excited to make this dream come true!  This blog will serve several purposes. 

First, as coaches, we get to visit multiple classrooms and multiple schools, and we often spend a large chunk of our Thursday meetings sharing out all the great things teachers are doing in their classrooms.  We learn so much from you! We are continually inspired and motivated by all the hard work, dedication, innovation, and fun we see in your classrooms. We want to be able to share these stories with the rest of the GRCSU community so that you may be inspired, learn from each other, and to let you SHINE. So much of the amazing work you do is unseen. Your grade-level or content-area colleagues might not even know what you really do, which is one of the biggest challenges in education.  Teachers often work in silos figuring things out on their own. That was one of the most difficult things for me when I was a classroom teacher as an ELL and Spanish Teacher. I wanted to know what my colleagues were doing and to learn from them. We hope this blog will provide an avenue to shine the spotlight on you and your work so that we can all be inspired. So take this as a heads-up that we might be asking for your permission to do a story about your work (or asking you to write a story!).

Second, we are a newly merged supervisory union consisting of 8 schools and one central office.  That is a lot of people. We want this blog to be a way to connect with others across the SU and to get to know the faces behind the emails.  We will be doing staff highlights where we will be interviewing staff members across the SU to help foster relationships and build a community within our newly formed SU. 

Third, this blog will be an avenue for learning by also providing resources around proficiency-based education and personalized learning.  It will be a space for self-guided learning and exploring, and a place to get ideas and resources. Here you will have access to all the PD and in-service resources as well as tutorials and videos.  

We can’t wait to see how this blog grows as a space for connecting, sharing, and learning.  Please invite us into your classroom so that we may share your story and support you on your journey.


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All GRCSU Schools will be closed the remainder of the school year to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.